IHOC charity Board of Directors

Board Members pictured: Fred Astmann, Sonya Jacobs, Tom Martin, Jean Astmann, Nevan Soumilas, Rick Fumo, Bill Schulze, Ruth Morgenroth, Ed Hess, Peggy Schlagle, Kevin Peterson, Cara and Matt Gaehring (picture taken at First Presbyterian Church Haddonfield)

Our charity’s board of directors are made up of dedicated members of South Jersey congregations. Many members have volunteered for a number of years and in various roles.

They spearhead various monthly and annual charity projects from maintaining the Dambly House, running the Pack a Sack and Adopt a Box programs, organizing and planning our Annual Mall Walk, helping with our Amazon Smile and grocery gift card fundraising and more. Board meetings are held monthly and their time and locations can be found on our home page and site calendar. We are always open to new members and volunteers, so if you are interested in participating with our charity or becoming a board member, call Ruth Morgenroth at 856-261-3464.

Board of Directors:

President- Rick Fumo (Architect and President of Fumo and Associates)

Vice President- Bill Schulze (Retired college administrator)

Treasurer- Alex DeFlavis (Retired Camden educator)

Secretary- Cara Gaehring

Corresponding Secretary – Fred Astmann (Retired sales representative and active church musician)

Executive Director – Ruth Morgenroth (Retired attorney)

Jean Astmann (Event coordinator)

Carol Dann (Director of the Basic Skills Program at Camden County Community College)

Art Ritter (Retired chemical engineer)

Mark Ford (Attorney)

Tom Martin (Human Resources Recruiter)

Nevan Soumilas (Attorney)

Ed Hess (Retired social services executive)

Kevin Peterson (Banking President)

Cara Gaehring (Church administrator)

Matt Gaehring (Cyber Security Investigator)

Mike Wilkinson (Commercial/Industrial Builder)

Committees and Chairpersons:

Network – Ruth Morgenroth – 856-261-3464

Property – Fred Astmann – 856-424-3820

Planning – Ruth Morgenroth – 856-261-3464

Finance – Alex DeFlavis – 856-354-0648 

Financial Secretary – Kevin Peterson 609-605-1489

Hospitality – Ruth Morgenroth – 856-261-3464

Mall Walk – Carol Dann and Fred Astmann – 856-424-3820

Shelter Support – Alex DeFlavis – 856-354-0648

Grocery Certificates – Dennis Van Name and Alex DeFlavis – 856-354-0648

Directors Emeritus

Deb Dambly

John Dambly*

Scott Doyle

Kira Fauvell

Anthony Girardi

Ginny Keuhner

Karen Lubert

Harold Miller*

Dudley Pendleton*

Joan Pendleton*

Betty Taylor

Martha Van Uffel*