For local area Churches/Synagogues:

IHOC is always in need of additional congregations in the Camden County area to participate in our Homeless Hospitality Network. If you are interested in our program we strongly encourage you to spread the word about our work and talk to your minister/rabbi/priest directly about our services. We can be contacted year-round by phone 856-963-5820 or by email on the “Contact Us” page of this website and will send out additional information to your congregation upon request. IHOC volunteers are also available to meet with prospective participating congregations in person year round. Please note also that while congregations are strongly encouraged to participate in our network as a hosting organization this is not the only way they can get involved. Organizations and congregations can also pitch in by providing meals or volunteers to a host congregation or by participating in other programs such as Pack-A-Sack or Adopt-A-Box.

For individuals:

Individuals are not necessarily required to go through a local area congregation in order to participate in our activities. You can volunteer for IHOC in a variety of ways on your own. In particular, we are looking for new Board members. If you would like to help on your own just contact us by phone or email for more info. You can also participate in regular fundraisers or activities such as our Mall Walk or Pack-A-Sack and Adopt-A-Box. Donations, whether in the form of money or supplies for our programs, are also a great way to support IHOC.